Using the Editor

We created our editor with team collaboration in mind. By making it specifically for product development, you’ll find that the editor supports a wide variety of media (like images, Figma designs, and code blocks), rich text formatting and real-time collaborative editing.

The editor is used whenever there is a description or a comment. Use it to share ideas, progress, or spec out the plan for the next initiative. You can’t over-share information, so use Kitemaker to share anything about what you learn and your progress. The better your teammates understand the goal, the background, and progress, the better the chances of a great product outcome.

What can you do with the editor?

When creating or editing a work item or a initiative or writing a comment, you will have access to the editor.

  • Add blocks using the / key. Scroll down the list to see all the options of blocks you can add, from images to todo lists, to Figma designs.

  • You can use markdown to save time when using the editor (see the ones we support below)

  • Select text, and you will be presented with a text hover where you can format text and create links

  • Select text and press cmd/ctrl + k and you will make the selected text a link, or edit the link URL

  • Select text and you can use the common shortcuts like cmd/ctrl+b for bold, cmd/ctrl+i for italic, and cmd/ctrl+u for underline.

  • You can add emojis using : then typing the name of the emoji

  • When using the editor, mention other team members with @. They will be notified and will be able to respond to your comment or update

  • Mention work items and initiatives by typing the number e.g. ABC-123 or I-6. This creates a link to the work item or initiative.

By typing the key for a space followed by a - (e.g., ABC-) you will be able to search for the work item. So no need to remember the number when you do mentions.

Markdown shortcuts

Markdown shortcuts makes it super-fast to style your text while you type and without touching your mouse.

Here are some of the Markdown shortcuts Kitemaker support:

  • Type # on an empty line creates a headline (type ## and ### for sub headlines)

  • Type ** or __ before and after a section of text to make it bold

  • Type * or _ before and after a section of text to make it italic

  • Type ´ before and after a section of text to make it a code block

  • Type * followed by space on an empty line to make bullet points

  • Type [] or x followed by space on an empty line to make todo-lists

  • Type 1. followed by space on an empty line to make numbered lists

  • Type $$ before and after a Tex expression $\frac{1}{100}$

  • Type : to search for emojis 👍

  • To make links type [link text](


Kitemaker todo are a powerful tool helping breaking down work. They can have metadata like members, impact and effort and they can even be closed automatically by commits from GitHub or GitLab. Read more about them here.

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