Privacy for AI features

Please note: this article is only applicable if your organization has not disabled Kitemaker’s AI features. If Kitemaker’s AI features are disabled in an organization’s settings screen, no data is shared with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services.

Kitemaker uses Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI APIs for all of its AI functionality. Microsoft provides the following privacy guarantees:

  • None of the data shared with Microsoft is available to other Microsoft customers

  • None of the data is shared with OpenAI

  • None of the data is used to improve any models or services

Additionally, Kitemaker does not use any customer data for fine tuning models in Azure OpenAI.

Kitemaker uses the Sweden Central region in Azure for all AI functionality currently. However, Microsoft provides only weak guarantees for data processing in particular regions, so Kitemaker customers with European data residency enabled cannot currently access Kitemaker’s AI features.

More information on the Azure OpenAI privacy and security is available in Microsoft’s Azure documentation.

More information about Kitemaker’s handling of private data is available in our Privacy Policy.

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