Once your team has fleshed out a work item or initiatives, it’s often time to start breaking the work down into tasks using todos. Kitemaker’s todos have metadata and can be interacted with from the GitHub and GitLab integrations.

Todos in work items are also visible from the board view so you can get a quick glimpse at what tasks are planned in each work item.

Todo basics

You can create todos in a number of ways:

  • By starting a line with the markdown shortcuts x or []

  • By typing /todo

  • By highlighting an existing block of text and selecting “Todo list” from the formatting menu

Todos are marked as completed either by checking them with the mouse or by using the ctrl/cmd+enter hotkey. Additionally, you can also mark them as being in progress either by holding shift while clicking them or using the shift+ctrl/cmd+enter hotkey.


Todos have support for metadata like members, labels, impact and effort.

  • To add members a todo, simply mention the user using @ while typing in the title, or alternatively use the alt/option+shift+2 hotkey or choose “Edit members” from the … menu on the todo. You can also add yourself as a member using the alt/option+shift+s hotkey

  • To add a label, you can mention the label using # in the title, or alternativelty use the alt/option+shift+3 hotkey, or choose “Edit labels” from the … menu on the todo

  • To add impact or effort, you can use the alt/option+shift+i or alt/option+shift+e hotkeys respectively or use the … menu on the todo and select “Edit impact” or “Edit effort”

GitHub/GitLab integration

Todos in Kitemaker can be manipulated via commits and pull requests. Every todo has a unique identifier which can be found off to the left of the editor. By clicking this identifier or using the hotkey cmd+shift+i, the todo’s identifier will be copied into the clipboard.

If a git commit or pull/merge request contains “fixes” or “closes” and the todo number (e.g. Fixes ABC-123G), Kitemaker will automatically mark the todo as in progress if the commit is pushed to a branch or included in a pull/merge request, and it’ll automatically mark the the todo as completed when the commit reaches your default branch.

If you haven’t set up the GitHub or GitLab integration, this article will help you do so.

Additionally, the todo will automatically display a reference to any pull/merge request that references it.

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