Slack and Discord

With Kitemaker's unique Slack and Discord integrations, you will be able to easily attach relevant discussions to work items and initiatives by simply mentioning them. The integrations also come with a full-fledged /km and !km command, allowing you to operate Kitemaker without leaving Slack or Discord respectively. Using Slack, you can also convert a message to a work item by using the message shortcut.

To install the integration, go to "Organization settings" in the ⚙️ menu next to your organization name and click on “Integrations” in the side bar, or search for “Integration settings” the Kitemaker command (cmd/ctrl+k). Then select the Discord or Slack integration and follow the installation steps.

Mentioning work items and initiatives

If you mention a work item or initiative in a comment in a channel where the Kitemaker bot is a member, the message will be added as an activity to the specified initiative or work item. This is a great way to keep track of ad-hoc discussions happening in Discord or Slack that become relevant to some work. To do this, mention the work item or initiative number (this can easily be copied to the clipboard using Ctrl+I or ⌘+I).

Slack only: If the Slack comment that includes the mention contains files and images, those will automatically be included in the activity in Kitemaker.

/km and !km command

You can make things happen in Kitemaker directly from Slack and Discord. You access the commands by typing /km in Slack, and !km in Discord. You can see all the bells and whistles by typing /km help or !km help .

If you have a team channel or similar, you probably want to set a default space for the channel using the default command. That way, you don't have to specify the space for every command.

A great way to keep track of everything happening to the team space is to have the Kitemaker bot post updates to a channel. You can do this by using the subscribe command.

Slack only: Create work items from messages

In Slack, you can use message shortcuts to create work items directly from messages. The message will automatically be pulled into Kitemaker, and if the Kitemaker bot is a member of the channel, it’ll also pull in the files and images attached.

To do this, simply click the "..." on the message you want to create a work item from and select "Create work item".

This will open a modal where you can select the name of the work item, the space (by default, the default space for the channel is selected), labels, and allow you to edit the work item description and the attachments (only applicable if the Kitemaker bot is present in the channel).

The resulting work item will be located in the space's default status column.

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