Labels allow you to categorize work items in a freeform fashion. Typically teams will classify the type of work item (say, “Bug”, “Experiment”, “Customer request”, etc.). Other times you might want to categorize based on the type of work required (”User research”, “Front end”, “Design”, etc.). It all depends on what makes sense to surface for your team.

If you want a label for projects or initiatives with a start and an end, initiatives are explicitly built for this purpose.

You’ll see any labels added to a work item below the title, in colored boxes, which is also the hotkey for adding and removing labels.

Adding or creating labels

To add labels, open the “...” menu on a work item and select Change labels use the hotkey ‘#’, or click the labels on a work item. Choose from the list or start typing in the space to search labels. If you want to create a new one, just type the name you want here and hit enter.

Selected items will show on the list with a checkmark. Just click on selected items to uncheck and remove them. If you want to add/remove multiple labels, hold shift to keep the selector open.

Managing labels

Once added, labels will be accessible across all work items in the space. You can manage labels across the whole space, either by clicking the “..” that apears when you hover the space name on the sidebar and selecting Labels.

You will see the list of labels for your space and can edit them by clicking the pen icon. You can then edit the name and the color of the label.

To delete a label click the trashcan that appears on hover

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