Kitemaker's Intercom integration allows you to sync conversations in Intercom with feedback in Kitemaker. The content of the conversation can then be tagged as insights and connected to work items and initiatives.

To install the integration, go to "Organization settings" in the ⚙️ menu next to your organization name and click on “Integrations” in the side bar, or search for “Integration settings” the Kitemaker command (cmd/ctrl+k). Then select the Intercom integration and follow the installation steps. Alternatively, you can find the app in the Intercom App Store and initiate the installation there.

Pushing a conversation to Kitemaker

After the integration has been installed, you should find a Kitemaker section in the right sidebar on Intercoms conversation pages.

Before you push, you can enter the title for the feedback in Kitemaker, add tags, and assign an owner. The owner will be notified that there is new feedback for them in Kitemaker.

Once you have clicked the "Create feedback" button, the section will display a link to the feedback in Kitemaker.

In Kitemaker, the Intercom conversation will be displayed as an embedded element inside the Feedback.

This allows you to add additional context before or after the feedback. Note that the Intercom embed in Kitemaker will be synced with the whole conversation in Intercom, so when there are new replies, they will be visible in Kitemaker. Kitemaker will also import images and attachments.

Creating insights from Intercom embeds

To create insights from Intercom conversations, simply select the relevant text and press "Capture insight". The insight will be visible using the same highlight as normal feedback content.

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