Kitemaker’s integration with Sentry allows you to automatically connect issues in Sentry with work items in Kitemaker.

To install the integration, go to "Organization settings" in the ⚙️ menu next to your organization name and click on “Integrations” in the side bar, or search for “Integration settings” the Kitemaker command (cmd/ctrl+k). Then select the Sentry integration and follow the installation steps.

Creating work items from Sentry issues

In the right side of the issue screen in Sentry, under “Issue Tracking” you can click the + next to “Kitemaker Issue” to make a new work item.

Clicking that will allow you to create a new work item, with the title and description already conveniently filled. You can add choose the space, as well as optionally add a label or owner.

By clicking the “Link” tab you can instead find an existing work item to connect this issue to:

When the work item is created in Kitemaker, it will contain the relevant info from Sentry as well as an easy way to get back to the original Sentry issue.

When the work item is created in Kitemaker, it is linked to the Sentry issue. This means that moving the work item to one of the “done” columns in Kitemaker will automatically resolve the work item in Sentry.

In addition to creating work items from issues in Sentry, you can also create them from alerts. Simply choose Kitemaker from the list of actions and click the “Settings” button to configure where the work items should be created (as well as other details like labels).

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