Members and watching


Ensuring that the work item has the right members helps the team members working on the delivery get notified and updated on updates, comments, and other relevant things happening to the work item.

To add and remove members, select 'Change members' from the "..." menu on the work item, press the @-key, or click the avatars on a work item. You will see a searchable list of the organization members with a checkmark next to those already added to the work item. You can click or press enter to add or remove a member. If you want to add and remove multiple members, hold shift to keep the list open or click the checkboxes. You can press escape or click outside the list to close it when editing.

To add or remove yourself to a work item, select 'Add/remove yourself' from the work item "..." menu, or use the hotkey 's' to toggle your membership

You can add new members to the organization by entering their email. This sends them an invite to join the organization. Members who are invited but haven't yet joined will appear with “(invited)" next to their name on the list.

To filter the work items by a particular user, use the filter and select 'By member' and select the member you want to filter by. You also have the hotkey q, which quickly filters by your work items.


If you want to get notifications and updates on a work item without being a member, you can watch a work item. This is an excellent way for stakeholders or managers to keep track of work items they are especially interested in following. You can toggle watching by pressing w. The work items you watch will get an eye icon next to the number.

When you create a work item through the Kitemaker UI, you will automatically watch that work item.

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