Planning board

The planning board gives you an additional board to organize your team’s upcoming work.

There are two main use cases for the planning board:

  • To prioritize and categorize your backlog

  • Dual track development workflows, where the planning board can be used to track the discovery phase.

Getting started

To get started, go to the "Workflow" section page in the space's settings. By clicking "Enable planning board", the planning board will be visible in the sidebar of your space.

By default, you will see two columns, Inbox and Todo:

The Inbox is now the default column for new work items. The Todo column is a shared with the current board, so that you can easily move work items between the planning board and the current board.

You can add as many statuses to the planning board as needed. All statuses on the planning board fall into either the "Backlog" type, which is exclusively visible on the planning board, or the "Not started" type, which is shared between the current board and the planning board. The "Not started" columns can be used to transfer work items between the current and planning boards.

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