Snippets are shortcuts for things you write repeatedly or that you want to standardize.

Managing snippets

To manage snippets for the your current space, open the space settings and find the “Snippets” section. From this” screen, you can create, edit, and delete snippets:

Each snippet contains a name and the contents. The contents have all the bells and whistles of our documents, so feel free to add formatting, blocks for files and Figma designs, and whatever else is relevant:

Using snippets

You can use snippets in description fields and comments, and to create work items and initiatives. In descriptions and comments, you can use the /snippet command to insert a snippet:

Perhaps even handier is the ctrl/cmd+; shortcut (on Scandinavian keyboards, it’s ctrl/cmd+ø ). This will open a snippets selector:

This hotkey is context-aware, so if you are inside a description or comment, it’ll paste the content where you are. If you are on a board, the shortcut will create a new work item or initiatives with the snippet’s content in the description.

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