Kitemaker’s Zapier integration allows you to integrate to many of the other systems your teams use and create automation work flows. Teams use it to connect Kitemaker to tools like Zen Desk, Zoho Desk, PagerDuty and more!

To install the integration, go to "Organization settings" in the ⚙️ menu next to your organization name and click on “Integrations” in the side bar, or search for “Integration settings” the Kitemaker command (cmd/ctrl+k). Then select the Zapier integration and follow the installation steps.

Creating the integration will provide you with an access token. Store it somewhere safe like a password manager because you’ll need to provide it to Zapier when setting up a new connection to Kitemaker.

Setting up a Connection in Zapier

To start with, you’ll need to connect Zapier to Kitemaker. To do this, click on “My Apps”, then “+ Add connection” and search for “Kitemaker”.

Click on Kitemaker and enter your API token that you received above.

Now you’re ready to create your first Zap with Kitemaker!


Kitemaker’s Zapier integration can trigger Zaps based on the following events:

  • New work item

  • Updated work item

  • New comment

  • New initiative

These triggers contain all the details you’ll need to know about work items (such as the title and labels) and comments.


Kitemaker’s Zapier integration also allows you to manipulate data in Kitemaker. Currently it supports the following actions:

  • Create work item

  • Update work item

  • Create comment

  • Create label

  • Create feedback

Missing some triggers or actions? Let us know and we’ll improve the integration in future releases.

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