In Kitemaker, work items are sectioned by spaces. Typically, a space will represent a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, product managers, and anyone else directly involved in the product development work. Sometimes you might want to create spaces splitting across other dimensions, such as products, components, and special projects (like a delivery project to an enterprise customer). So how you use them depends on how you naturally split work inside your company.

Managing space

When you first sign up for Kitemaker, there is already a space with the same name as the organization.

By clicking on the cogwheel to the right of the space name in the sidebar, you’ll see all the options for managing the space. Here you can control who has access to the space, manage the labels, snippets, and automation, and change the name and the key (the “ABC” code in front of every work item number).


By enabling “Daily background image,” the space will get a new background image daily.

Notice that deleting a space is a permanent operation.

My spaces


If your company has many spaces, you should move the spaces you spend the most time in to “My spaces.” That can be done by dragging the space into the “My spaces” section in the sidebar or clicking the cog wheel and turning on the ‘In “My spaces” toggle.

The order of the spaces in “My spaces” will also dictate the keyboard shortcut for getting to a space (the keys 1-0). If you want to rearrange them, simply drag and drop to reorder the spaces in the sidebar.

Guest accounts and private spaces

By clicking “Manage access” in the cogwheel menu, you can configure the access to the space.


The top line will always indicate the default access members in the organization has. If that is set to “Access,” then the entire organization will be able to find the space in the sidebar.

If it is toggled to “No access,” only members invited to the space can see it. This means that “No access” indicates a private space.

If people outside your organization need access to one or more spaces, you can invite them by email. The guest user will be able to access work items, write descriptions, add comments and change metadata, but will not have access to change space settings or see any space they are not invited to.