Getting started

The Kitemaker API supports webhooks and the functionality is provided by Svix.

To enable webhooks, search for "manage developer settings" in the Kitemaker Command or click the cogwheel/settings icon for your organization.

At the bottom of the developer settings dialog, you will find a place to set up your webhooks.


To enable webhooks, simple check the box and then click the link to configure your webhook endpoints in Svix:


Detailed instructions on how to use the management UI are available on the Svix website.

Webhook payloads

Currently webhooks are very simple in Kitemaker and the payload that is delivered will look like this:

  "id": "0e3a27ced2788400",
  "type": "Comment",
  "event": "created"

The type property will currently be one of:

  • Comment
  • WorkItem
  • Theme

And the event property will be one of:

  • created
  • updated

The actual property of the object are not delivered via the webhook. Instead, you can use the id property delivered via the webhook to fetch the information you need via the GraphQL API.